Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Body Shop Grab Bags

Got them today! Remember, I was supposed to get:
a full-size body butter
a mini gift (sample)
a makeup item
a spa wisdom item
an accessory
Now, for accessory, I really thought I'd get something little, like a make-up brush or mini loofa. My two grab bags were similar in content to each other, but here's what I got :
A: Pomegranate body butter, cream blush, dual eye shadow, single eye shadow, spa wisdom milk bath, $25 home fragrance collection with lamp ring, sample of mango body butter, sample of moisture cream.
B. Pomegranate body butter, shimmer lip balm, copper eye liner, sparkle eye liner, spa wisdom milk bath, $25 home fragrance collection with lamp ring, sample of mango body butter, sample of moisture cream.
In each bag I got 2 bonus make up items and 1 bonus sample item and neither of my "accessories" was a lamo-$2 thing.
AMAZING deal - still available! Go get it!

Friday, November 13, 2009


This weekend, the big sale at is Oakley Sunglasses. They are super nice and they have some pretty stylish options available. Here are a couple:

Prices start at just $39.95. Oakley fans, you know this is a good deal. Others are available for $69.95. As always with this site, get there soon! The selection goes super fast.
The other sale on the site is on Romantic Soles footware. These are women's shoes. Not super gorgeous . . . . but some very cute flats. These are starting at just $8.95! Nice price, right?
Both of thesse deals are advertised on the home page, so surf over! Here's the link:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beauty Deal at The Body Shop

Do you ever have a shop you just love? Like, "Hey, my birthday is coming up honey, just buy me ANYTHING from ***********!"? Well, I think The Body Shop is one of those places. There isn't really anything in there I wouldn't put on myself. Which makes THIS a good deal:
Only $15 gets you $50 worth of products!
At a minimum each bag has:
1 full size 6.7 oz. body butter
1 spa wisdom product
1 mini gift
1 accessory
1 makeup item
and some bags will have more! Only 2 per customer!

If you're shopping online (you know how fun kids are at the mall!) use the coupon code WEL103 and get free shipping on orders of $30 +
Put that in your stocking! No, really, do it! Loves!

Where have I been?

So, I'm pregnant with kid no. 2 and I have awful morning sickness, so I haven't been so awesome at shopping, let alone finding and posting great deals. If the tone of this blog turns to maternity clothing, rest assured we'll be back to the good stuff in June! Hopefully I'll get some great stuff on here for you soon. Actually, I do know of a good site for SHOES . . . . more on that next post! For now, lets talk about the coming shopping concern . . . . CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Here are a couple good tips:
1. KIDS: They want toys. Toys R Us has good sales, so be watching their weekly circular (comes with your Sunday paper) for the best deals. Another great resource is eBay. You know how kids are . . . . there's always a few toys they're in love with at the store, but never touch when they get it home. People eBay those and you can get some GREAT deals.
2. TOUGH GROWN-UPS: You know who I'm talking about - grandparents, the bachelor uncle, people who've got everything they want. Handmade gifts are a great idea, but if you're like me, its easy to start 12 projects and finish 3. A great place to get the "handmade and one of a kind" beautiful gift is Etsy. com. I've actually got an Etsy shop (I see hats and a few hair accessories) but I have some really great hints for using Etsy.
A. When you search for something like "men's hat" you get 100 pages of items. Too many and you're probably missing the good one. Try being super specific. "Camo Men's Hat" or "Wool Men's Hat" or "Felt Men's Hat" will cut the pages down significantly and you won't have to look at so many that aren't ANYTHING like what you want. Throw a color in there too!
B. Add some favorite seller and items when you find something you might like to give. Search results are listed by how recently the item was put on. In a day or so, you won't be able to find that cute item again.
C. Convo. If you see something you like, but its the wrons size/color/etc. just convo the seller and they are almost always happy to make what you're looking for.
Most of all, have FUN doing your shopping. If you're happy and excited about your gift, chances are, the recipient will be too. Happy shopping!
Oh, here's my etsy shop if you want to check it out:
Be sure to look at my favorite items and sellers . . . I've dug up some cute stuff!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SHOES, need I say more?

Ok, so if you love shoes, and your husband, and you don't want to make him mad, check out . I got all four of these pairs of shoes for under $40 including shipping. I mean, each shoe was like, 8 bucks and the shipping was 7. SERIOUSLY! All of these shoes had MSRP's of at least $100. These are shoes I drool over, cannot own, and settle for some, admittedly still adorable, other, less expensive shoes. These are well made and of real leather with AMAZING detail. More impressive in person than in the pictures! No gross glue glops or missing rhinestones here. Shoes are as low as $4.95! Go shop! sells more than just shoes. I have looked at the bags and if there's a brand you covet, its probably a good place to send your hubby for your Christmas present, but I wasn't overly impressed with the bag prices. Haven't looked at clothing yet, but I will certainly let you know when I find another amazing deal. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A couple GREAT fashion deals

Go to Target. You know you want to. :) The reason? Chinos. Great flat front, straight leg trousers. One of those basic items you use forever. $15. FOR REAL. Get the Merona chinos for 15 bucks. I recommend the black or brown. For moms, light colors aren't practical. If you're an apple shape (skinny legs, bigger torso) go for the oyster. A darker color on top and lighter below will balance you out. If you're hippy, go dark, or it'll exaggerate the hips.

Don't forget to go to Shopko! Ok, to be honest, I've purchased a handbag or two here, but clothing . . . not so much. This week you can get the thick, on trend tights in great colors 2 for $10.

I'm going to pick up that great berry color, black, gray, brown, and maybe an oatmeal. I bet they'll be so cute this fall with a little shift , pumps, and that dark berry wool coat that's been waiting for me in my basement. :) Go shopping!

Monday, September 28, 2009


If I were you, I'd be wondering, "what is that cheapskate mommy doing buying a magazine like Bazaar for that price that doesn't have coupons in it?" Well, I'll tell you.

In August, I was on and discovered that you can get 1 year subscriptions to some magazines for 5 bucks or less. I don't think Bazaar is one of them right now, but InStyle is! Order it before Sept. 30th though Amazon and its 5 bucks for a year. Now THAT is some style inspiration, delivered to your home, and a great excuse for a 1/2 hour in the tub. Go get it, ladies! And check Amazon often. The cheap magazines change every 6 weeks or so!